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To become a proficient electrical estimator is a process and it does not happen overnight. There is no better time than right now to begin the learninig process.

Electrical estimating software provides you with tools for rapid input. One of the tools is assemblies.

Example of residential 2 gang switch assembly

When you input a quantity of 1 - 2 gang switch assembly it spits out all the parts needed for that assembly.

Electrical estimating software adds material prices and labor for each of the items listed below.

• 2 - SWITCH 15A 1POLE
• 40' FEET Romex 14/2
• 8 - BX Staple 1-14"

List of residential assemblies.

Residential assemblies include assemblies for:

Receptacles & Switches
Ceiling fans
Smoke detectors
Bath fans
Panels & home runs dryer
Hot Water Heater
Oven and AC units

Click here: Training video about residential assemblies

Click here: Training video with more residential assemblies

List of commercial assemblies.

Commercial assemblies include assemblies for:

4S Boxes
Floor boxes
Twist Lock Receptacles
4-11/16 Boxes
Surface Mount 4S Boxes W/ Industrial Covers
Cut-In Boxes
Motor Connections
Risers From PVC Stubs to Bottom Of Panel

Click here: Training video with commercial assemblies

Another tool to help you bang out estimates quick as possible is called Wizards.

A Wizard is a tool that presents options you pick from.

List of wizards.

Alarm Wizard
ATS Wizard
Breaker Wizard
Bus Duct Wizard
Conduit Wizard
Device Wizard
Disconnect Wizard
Generator Wizard
Panel Wizard
Starter Wizard
Transformer Wizard

Using the conduit wizard you can estimate hundreds of feet of conduit in just a few seconds.

Electrical Estimating Training shows you how.

Example of using conduit wizard for 180' of 3/4" EMT with 5 #12 wires.

Using the conduit wizard when you input a quantity of 180' of 3/4" EMT with 5 #12 wires.

The program spits out both material cost and labor for:

180' - EMT 3/4
18 - 3/4 S/S EMT CPLG
3/4 - S/S EMT CONN
10 - SUPPORTS 3/4
975 ' - WIRE #12 CU STRANDED

Click here: Trainig video conduit wizard for branch conduit

Click here: Trainig video conduit wizard feeder conduit

Practice makes perfect. Electrical estimating training is the key to becoming proficient.

Watch training videos and practice estimating a few jobs to perfect your craft.

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