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Take-off Lighting Controls

Next we will look at what to do during your take-off of lighting controls, which will then carry on to entering these details into your electrical estimating software.

Starting Point - Since lighting controls are items that must be quoted by your suppliers, they are among the first items that you take off.

Take off lighting control panels, remote control switches, photo cells and any other accessories for the lighting control panels. Also, take off dimming systems, racks, remote controllers, scene controllers and other dimming accessories. All these items are often quoted along with the lighting package. Remember to take off wall and ceiling occupancy sensors (motion sensors). Occupancy sensors are also often quoted along with the lighting package.

Tip - Take off wall box dimmers along with other switches and outlets. Wall box dimmers are generally quoted separately from dimming systems.

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Vendor/Supplier Request Form - Stop doing the takeoff at this point and total up the lighting fixtures, lamps, factory furnished accessories, lighting control panels and accessories, dimming panels and accessories and occupancy sensors. Prepare your vendor/supplier request forms along with your counted quantities and distribute them to your suppliers for quotes. This allows your suppliers to be working on your quotes while you are continuing your take-off.

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