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Learn-Electrical-Estimating.com was created as a free industry resource so that contractors can continually increase knowledge of electrical estimating, better manage their business and successfully grow revenue and profits. As a rookie contractor, John Kelsey struggled to understand electrical estimating. In his early days in the business, he received a lot of well-intentioned, but very bad “how to” estimating advice from other contractors. John’s objective in developing this site is for others to learn about methods, tools and electrical estimating software in a simple and quick manner, without the long trial and error of hundreds of mistakes.

(Photo: John Kelsey recording voice for Electrical Estimating training videos.)

John Kelsey - Biography

John Kelsey is a 25 year veteran of the Electrical Construction Industry. His extensive knowledge in this field comes from a combination of formal education, mentorship and personal hands-on experience. His college education included electrical theory, motor controls, and code book. During his days in the field, he worked in all key positions required for the trade; including electrician, foreman, project manager, and senior estimator.

Following many years working independently and with small contractors, John joined a multi-million dollar electrical contracting company, where he was mentored by the top producing senior electrical estimator. This estimator took John under his wing and taught John the “art” of electrical estimating and the mindset to be successful. John assumed the senior estimator position when his mentor retired.

During his years in the field, John found the value of learning from those with experience and how to make the best use of technology. He is now a consultant and trainer for companies in the industry.

John is available for questions and consultations by email at johnk@hardhatis.com

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